Down jackets

How to wash

First of all, read the information on the label and perhaps your down jacket is suitable only for dry cleaning. If it is washable, unbutton the hood and remove the fur. Check for holes in the pockets or lining, otherwise after washing you may have to shovel the runaway filling out of the machine.

Zipper and button your down jacket, turn it inside out, and put it in the machine with a couple or three wash balls. You can use regular tennis balls instead. They will not allow the filler to clump together.

For washing, it is better to use a special liquid detergent: ordinary powder is harder to rinse out and leaves streaks on the fabric. Wash the down jacket at a temperature no higher than 30°C with an extra rinse, and set the spin to 600 rpm.

How to dry

After washing, unbutton the buttons and turn the down coat on the front side. You can dry it on hangers, but the jacket will have to shake periodically, whipping the filling.

If the apartment is cool, the jacket with natural down will take a long time to dry, and the filler will begin to get stale. In such a case, help the dryer: a jacket in it can be dried at minimum temperature. Pre-rinse the thing by hand or in a washing machine, so that no water drips from the down jacket.