How to wash cotton clothes properly so they don’t get ruined

How to wash

Articles made of sturdy cotton can be washed at temperatures up to 95°C, but it is best to experiment less often with hot water, or else the fibres will quickly break down and your favourite shirt will have a hole in it. White items can be washed at up to 65°C, coloured items can be washed at 30-40°C (washing in hot water can fade the clothes). The optimum spin speed is up to 800 rpm.

Wash colored and white items separately by the rules on Check your clothes to see if they are fading before you put them in the machine. Moisten a corner or the inside seam of the garment with soapy water and run a dry cotton pad over it. If it will leave a distinct color mark, such thing is better to wash by hand.

Soak clothes with stains in warm water with stain remover added before washing. It is better not to soak colored clothes for a long time, otherwise the fabric will lose its brightness.

How to dry

After washing, shake the garment to smooth out the wrinkles, and hang it on a clothesline or clothes dryer. You can put sturdy cotton clothes in the dryer: that way your favorite terrycloth robe will be soft even without conditioner.

Knitted cotton items should dry on a flat surface – for example, on a clothes dryer covered with a towel. If you hang a wet cotton sweater on a rope, it may stretch and lose its shape.

Do not over-dry cotton clothes, or you may get tired of ironing the creases in the fabric. If it does take too long to dry, sprinkle it with water before ironing. Cotton can be ironed on a high temperature with steam.

To make your clothes dry faster and softer, get a dryer. You just load your laundry into a drum and pull it out warm and dry. These machines take up little space: the Italian brand Candy has a narrow model, which easily fits in cramped pantries, closets or small bathrooms. It can even be installed directly on top of the washing machine.